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WESG APAC Finals: DOTA2 Day 1 Review
2018-01-11 23:50:00 WESG
Drifting snow did not extinguish the passion of the game. Dota2 teams from group A & B all showed their outstanding performance.


Group A

Quite unexpectedly, Team KG, the tournament favorite, was beaten by Fire Dragoon. But they soon adjusted their status and finally won the last 3 group matches. Alpha Red defeated Fire Dragoon in a 45-minute hard fight, but they were blocked by Team KG. In the end, Team KG, Fire Dragoon and Alpha Red all achieved 9 pts. According to the rules, Fire Dragoon occupied 1st place in the group and directly advanced to 1/4 finals. Team KG and Alpha Red occupied 2nd and 3rd place respectively and will continue performance in the next turn. Team Azure and 818 esports have to leave the tournament.



Group B

Team EVOS from Indonesia showed their strong dominance. They finished the group phase with 4 victories and 1st place and directly advanced to 1/4 finals. Australian team Seventh Heaven also showed great performance. They were defeated by Team EVOS but won the other 3 group matches and occupied 2nd place. ES Pakistan, home of the DOTA star Sumail, finished with 6pts and 3rd place. Seventh Heaven and ES Pakistan will continue performance in the next turn, while Team iClen and Electrify have to leave.


Second day at the WESG 2017 APAC Finals will be decisive for groups C and D. Both groups have strong players and underdogs who can surprise all.


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