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WESG Register Guide
2017-08-01 00:00:00 WESG
The registration of WESG 2017 has been opened. Please read the direction before your registration.



The registration of WESG 2017 has been opened. Please read the direction before your registration. (For Euro and AM region, please register on “en.wesg.com”.)


Rules in English: http://2017.wesg.com/en/rules

Rules in Chinese: http://2017.wesg.com/series/rules



Europe and America players need register on “en.wesg.com”, players from other regions need complete the registration on “http://events.wesg.com/match/11/sn/en_list?sn_id=174






Click “Sign up” button for the registration. Fill out your email address then click “Send Email”, system will send a verification email to your mailbox.



Please check the email sent by Alibaba,click“”Complete” back to the registration page. Fill out your password and complete the registration.


Then please go back to the registration site(http://events.wesg.com/match/11/sn/en_list?sn_id=174),please log in your account and start the registration.



Registration Step 1:


Please choose your region, like APAC. Then find your country and region, and click “Sign Up” for your discipline.


Single Registration, Step 2:



Please choose the game discipline and group, and click “Sign up” for the next step. Here we take the StarCraft II General Group as an example.


Single Registration Step 3:

Single registration needs fill out all the information above. Please check the type of your identification. Passport/Identity Card/Driving License will be recognized as valid certificate, and please fill out your information correctly. The referee will verify your identification during the offline qualifier. Players cannot participate in the offline qualifier if one cannot offer the correct identification. After filling out all the information, please click “Submit” and finish the Single Registration.



After clicking “submit” button, your “Player Information” will show the current status of your registration. The status of “Auditing” means you have already completed the registration and please wait for the confirmation from our committee.



If you find you have submitted wrong information, click ”Modify” to edit the profile and resubmit it. If you notice you have registered for a wrong discipline or region, click ”Quit” to cancel the registration.


Clan registration Step 2:


Choose your discipline and group, and click “Sign Up” for the next step. Here we take the CS:GO General Group as an example.


Clan registration Step 3:



The person who registers for clan will be considered as the captain of the team. Captain can submit all information of team members by one time. Please collect all the information of team members, including one of the valid identification (Passport/Identity Card/Driving License), First Name and Last Name, Game ID, Steam Account, and Email address.



Please DO notice that WESG allows players participate in the same region qualifiers only if all players have the same nationality. Each player represents their own country or region. Please make sure all your teammates have the same nationality.

WESG Clan Registration needs at least captain and 4 other players’ information. Except captain, you can register 7 other players’ information at most. Captain needs to make sure all the information is correct.

After all the information was completed, you need to fill out the Team’s name and upload a team LOGO file if it is possible. After all work was done, please click “Submit” for the next step.


Clan Registration Step 4:



If captain submits less than 5 players’ information, the system will suggest you submit at least 5 players’ information. You need to click “Edit Team” button then go back to the page completing all the players” information. (You may also click ”My Registration” on the homepage then modify your information. )



After filling out 5-8 players’ information, click “Submit” to finish the registration.


When it comes to the status of “Auditing”, congratulations! All you need to do is waiting for our confirmation!


if you have some other questions , please send mail to  wesg@alisports.com 

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